Thursday, July 9, 2015


I cannot bear the heavy burden anymore without doing something more about it. My attempts to convey words on many biblical issues through the little resources I now have do not suffice and lack the time and clarity I desire. Nor can I just settle into a church as an attendee knowing that there are many people in this city being filled with teachings that are not biblical. And I know some of you immediately just put a wall up saying, “that’s not me!” and “my church is good.” Please bring that wall down and hear me out! I pray for the day that I am confident that I don’t have to put this disclaimer out anymore, but I in no way believe I am better than anyone nor boast that I know more than others. For those who know me, especially closely, they should know the old me and new me and praise God for the things He has done by the work of Himself alone and take note of what He might want you to hear. I shouldn’t even be alive, let alone understand anything I read, given my history before age 30. The heavy burden is what I see practiced “in the name of God” and what I hear taught and preached “in the name of God” that is utterly wrong and contrary to Scripture. I fear the eternity of many souls around me who think they are OK and those things practiced, taught, and preached are OK. This is dealing with those in the church mostly, but also stretches far beyond that. The burden is extremely heavy and I cannot do anything else, but fight, defend, and warn people in utter reliance on the Holy Spirit to work. I know what I say is not popular, comfortable, or well-taken by many, but I am not here to gain approval of men. I stand at the risk of losing everything for voicing what I know to be true and biblical and I cannot do anything else. Not all, but many ways and words of today’s Christianity are false, but in the name of “love” and not wanting to cause “division” we sweep these issues under the rug. Our knowledge of God is shallow and we twist that knowledge of Him and His Word and flip it so it is centered on ourselves and appealing to ourselves. By doing so the ramifications of this are devastating, but widely unseen. With this increasing shallowness we approach church with desensitized minds unable and unaware of the need to test what we hear and compare it to God’s Word and His Word alone. Think about this for a moment, if Satan wants to deceive as many people as he can would he cloth himself and his ways like some of these more extravagant false religions that are pretty easily noticeable or would he cloth himself and his ways like something that looks, sounds, feels, and seems so close to true Christianity, but is not? We do not spend enough time nor really want to spend the time studying God’s Word. We either think these issues are unimportant or we are too “busy” or we don’t think His Word is perfect and authoritative. We want things easy and comfortable and sounding nice. We disregard the Ten Commandments and only hold firm to the 11th commandment, “thou shalt be nice,” all the while compromising the true gospel to where it is no gospel at all, which saves no one. If the pastor says he is preaching from the Bible, he uses general “Christian” terminology, he uses Bible verses to support his claims from his interpretations, and he seems sincere we applaud him, take him at his word, and move on. We lift up the “church” and focus on the fun “church” life instead of lifting up the God of the church and focusing on who He is alone to make sure we have the right God of the Bible. We take salvation lightly and don’t think that God has made it clear when it comes to understanding the necessities of salvation. Again, the ramifications are devastating. So what am I going to do? (if you even care after reading the above comments) I am going to start with having a weekly gathering at my warehouse every Thursday night from 6:30-8:30pm. If you profess to be a Christian, I beg and plead with you to come and listen and test and discuss the most important topics of our day. Make time for this please!